Small Thing, Big Smile

7 12 2008


The Mayflowers Foundation give some t-shirt. slipper, suff toys and tiny toy car for the children and for adults  rice, sardines and noodles.  It was a small thing  but  I can see a  big smile and happiness for the spirit of Christmas.

The Community of Pangpang Celebrate there monthly Mass today with Father Ryan Teves.

dsc08269 dsc08278  dsc08280dsc08257dsc08255dsc08288 dsc08287 dsc08268 dsc08277     dsc082582 dsc08290 

dsc08310 dsc08293  dsc08292  dsc08297  dsc08320

dsc08291  dsc08305  dsc08311  dsc08315  dsc08324

dsc08323  dsc08318  dsc08322  dsc08321 dsc08319

dsc08326 dsc08325  dsc08328  dsc08329




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