The Cambodian Childrens Wish!

13 11 2008

 The Cambodian Children (11:44:52) :

We are the Cambodian children, our Wish here in cambodia school supplies & school bags….(pls help us)
thank you so much !!! take care & God bless
ps.this is the best christmas for us..

Greetings from Cambodian kids….& Löffler family

This is the Wish of Cambodian Children last September 24, 2008, The MayFlowers foundation Germany Representative send the School Supply last October 2008 and after two Weeks Pastor Mahilum recieve the School Supply in Cambodia.

p8290175  p8290181  p8290179

The School Supply was given to the Cambodian Childrens last November 8, 2008, during the Orientation program for the Community.

    p90900251  p9090162  p9090247p9090037

p9090207  p9090042  p9090215p9090050






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