Shakera Mae Bulak Wish

1 11 2008

shakera bulak (16:12:45)
Hi tito paul!!! this is  shakera mae bulak, a 9 years old, a daughter of felma. Im so glad that when in times of my sickness, your there to support me.Thank u very much!!!!!!!!…Your the one of the people i owe a lot too.. May God Blesses you more…

When i have to admit in the hospital, me especially my family worried a lot not just for my health but also for the cost to be spent. We dont have enough money to comply my expenses due to 3months ago, my grandmother died.Another thing is, I do have and got more than 1month absent in my class. I stayed 4days here in bacolod Hospital and 16 days in manila  hospital.I took an injection 3x/day aside from the medicines. And should be continually to take but its really expensive. We cant afford the injection so as of now, id stop it but oral liquid still remain. Since birth, i do always have illness. I got to think that maybe, I was born to have like these. You know wat tito? I almost tired but i should be strong and hold on, right?? I know that i can survive it, and my family surpass everything.

Tito i like the pink shoes and the umbrella,I wish i could have that.Hehehe!!!! bcoz mama cannot bougth it to me,out of the budget eventhough i need it.Hopefully,i can have also one of those bears.

Once again tito,thank you a lot.


Paul Mark:

“Hello Shakera I read your wishes,  and you can have all ( Shoes, Umbrella, and a white stuff toys or teddy bear) but you must promise me that be strong always and tell your mother that i send some more help for your medicine so that your health well be better soon. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!”

Tito Paul






3 responses

1 11 2008
Call Center Gal

Get well soon! You got a very generous Tito Paul here. God Bless.

2 11 2008

Hello Shakera you are in our prayer get well soon God Love Small Children like you and me. and God Bless you always

21 12 2008
shakera bulak

hi tito paul,,
Thank you so much to for the sent packages i recieved this christmas. im realy thankful and blessed that i have you as my tito, as part already of my family life.. tankz again and a lot more to for this present…merry christmas to… love you so much and take control, take charge and take care of urself der…mery christmas!

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