Thank You for the helping hands

29 09 2012

Just for fun

29 09 2012

Hilfe in Krankheitsfällen

13 07 2011

Obwohl die Weltwirtschaft seit 1950 um das Siebenfache angestiegen ist, profitieren immer weniger Menschen von dem Reichtum und immer mehr Kinder und Erwachsene müssen an der Armutsgrenze leben und sich um das Überleben der Familie sorgen.
Jedes Jahr sterben mehr als 10 Millionen Menschen an eigentlich heilbaren Krankheiten, da vor allem in Entwicklungsländern kein Geld für die medizinische Versorgung zur Verfügung steht, genauso wenig wie das Wissen über Vorsorgeuntersuchungen und Behandlung dieser Erkrankungen .
Auf den Philippinen kann sich der überwiegende Teil der Bevölkerung nur die Behandlung in einem öffentlichen Krankenhaus leisten. Leider sind diese oftmals immer noch unzureichend ausgestattet und die Ärzte und Krankenschwestern sind unterbezahlt. In den öffentlichen Krankenhäusern werden Kranke mit wenig Einkommen kostenlos behandelt. Narkosemittel, Spritzen und andere Medikamente müssen ebenso wie die tägliche Verpflegung von den Angehörigen geleistet.
Das ist leider oft ein großes Problem. MFF hilft deshalb nach ihrer Möglichkeit bei prekären Krankheitsfällen, insbesonders bei Kinder.

Angel Lucine with MFF Service Team

MFF Service Team with SB Guillergan and Angelic Wayne and her Father

MFF (MayFlowers Foundation) Basketball Team

5 05 2011

The Sangguniang Kabataan of Leganes, held their yearly SK Basketball League. This year the Pangpang Guinobatan Team join the league and the Mayflowers Foundation Sponsored their uniforms. The MFF organizer are planning to get the team as an official, MFF BASKETBALL TEAM.

MayFlowers Foundation Gift Giving!

25 12 2010

Merry Christmas To All!!!!


DREAM “the protection of the Virgin Mary!”

19 09 2010

 One million children praying for Unity and Peace under

ImageThe “National Council for the laity” invites you to share this idea that has began in Caracas, Venezuela. It is an invitation to gather 1,000,000 children in order to pray for Unity and Peace under the protection of Virgin Mary.

The main motivation of this idea is to spread the need of praying for the internal peace of each human being, as well as for the unity and peace of the family, the country and the whole world.

The prayer of the Holy Rosary has been proposed many times by the Holy Fathers as a prayer for peace. John Paul II said, “Today, I wish to trust on the effectiveness of this prayer the cause of peace in the World and in the family”.

In order to fulfill this dream, there is no need to go anywhere, not even to spend any money. This huge Day of Prayer will be at schools, in the classrooms, at playgrounds or in the school’s chapel, at 9:00 o’clock in the morning, October 18th. It will also help motivate other children who are in hospitals, parishes, day-care centers, etc.

To be a volunteer, just get ready to gather your community’s children at 9:00 a. m. on October 18th.

We consider your support to be very valuable and useful. Without it, this dream cannot come true. And, we are sure it is worthy, having into account the countless blessings that would be given to the world by the immaculate hearts of Jesus and Mary when they hear the prayers from so many kids.

Some time ago, Saint Pio de Pietrelcina cheerfully said: “think of how the world would change if one million of children prayed the Holy Rosary.”

To make this project come true, we need YOU! If you want to join us, please contact us at:


My Wish on Christmas

8 09 2010

My Wish on Christmas located in Pangpang Chapel

Here are some Pictures of Granted Wishes!

Scholars Wish

 The MFF Scholars Wish:

Dear Aunty Yolly and Uncle Paul,

We are the Scholars of  your foundation, thank you very much for your help and support for our study.

We wish that we  have a video camera and cd player, so that we can practice our activities in the community and we can show you our activities here in  school and community program.

thank you very much again and more power and blessing to come.

Yours Scholars


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